Transparency in Price and Service

We have always strived to be open with our clients when providing costs information.  We act for both legally aided clients (now referred to as publicly funded clients) and private clients.  We will always advise clients on the availability of legal aid and complete online applications for public funding through the LAA portal.  We will welcome enquiries into whether a matter will qualify for public funding. If not, we always discuss private funding arrangements with our clients.

Our practice has, to a certain extent, been formalised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) who now require all regulated firms to publish information on the prices and services they offer under the SRA Transparency Rules.

The Rules require that regulated firms provide information on the prices charged for the following services that we provide:-

  • Residential conveyancing
  • Uncontested probate cases with all assets in the UK
  • Summary only motoring offences

The Rules also include other services but we do not provide advice or representation in those fields.

Residential Conveyancing

Please see our quotation tool located on the home page of this website

Uncontested Probate

Teresa Ruddock is a Chartered Legal Executive and head of the Wills and Probate Department.  Teresa has been qualified since 2006 and has been working in this area for many years.

Peter Rusbridge is the supervising Partner.  

All rates and fees set out below are exclusive of VAT. VAT will be added to the invoice amount at the applicable rate (currently set at 20%)

Hourly charging rate for probate/estate matters £200.00.

Initial advice meeting for an hour £100.00.

Office copies – copy of deeds from the Land Registry £3.00.

Grant of Probate/Letters of Administration

Grant application only £525.00

Probate matters may take between 6 months – 18 months or if more complex 18 months – 24 months.

Dealing with the estate on behalf of executors our charges are worked out on: –

(i)Time spent at hourly charging rate of £200.00


(ii) Value element – value of the estate excluding the value of the deceased’s residence at 1%.

(iii) If Broadbents Solicitors LLP appointed as executors our charges are based as follows: –

(a) Time spent at hourly charging rate of £200.00


(b) Value element, the gross value of the estate excluding the value of the deceased’s residence at 1.5%.

Scale of charges in dealing with an estate: –

Value of estate                                                    Charges in the registration

£10,000.00 – no grant required                             £600.00

£10,000.00 – £20,000.00 – no grant required  £600.00

£30,000.00 – £40,000.00                                      £1,500.00 –  £1,750.00

£40,000.00 – £50,000.00                                      £1,750.00 – £2,000.00

£50,000.00 – £100,000.00                                    £2,500.00 – £3,000.00

£100,000.00 – £200,000.00                                 £3,000.00 – £4,000.00

£200,000.00 – £300,000.00                                £4,000.00 – £4,500.00

£300,000.00 – £400,000.00                               £4,500.00 – £5,500.00

£400,000.00 – £500,000.00                               £5,500.00 – £6,500.00

£500,000.00 – £700,000.00                              £7,500.00 –  £11,000.00

£700,000.00 – £1,000,000.00                           £11,000.00 – £20,000.00

In addition to the above we also conduct the following matters by way of a fixed fee agreement


Straight forward will for a single person £150.00

Straight forward Wills for a couple £250.00

(If the wills become more complex, we will advise of the charges depending on the type of Will required.)

Lasting Powers of Attorney

Property & affairs £525.00

Health & welfare £525.00

In addition, there is a registration fee payable to the Office of the Public Guardian per document of £82.00. (current charge)

Court of Protection

Deputyship applications £850.00

There will be fees payable to the Court of Protection which will be the current fees set by them upon application.  Court fees will not incur VAT.

Summary Only Motoring Offences

The most common summary only motoring offences are:-

  • Drink/drug driving
  • Penalty point disqualification
  • Driving without insurance
  • Speeding

The members of our Road Traffic Team have over 70 years of experience in providing high-quality representation in all types of road traffic cases.

The Road Traffic Team are:-

  • John Last (admitted 1976) who has conducted well over 2500 road traffic law cases over the past 40 plus years and supervises all road traffic law cases.
  • Rob Wetton (admitted 1995)
  • Amie Godson (admitted 2013)
  • Ande Hunter Jimenez (admitted 2017)

Legal costs are based either on a fixed fee or on the amount of work actually undertaken and on the experience of the fee earner who undertakes the work.  From experience, we know that clients prefer to fund cases by way of a fixed fee agreement. It is a condition of our acting for a fixed fee that the fee is paid prior to any work being undertaken.

The fees set out below do not include VAT which will be added at the rate prevailing when the fee quote is given (currently 20%).

The fees include:-

  • Considering the evidence provided by either the Crown Prosecution Service or police.
  • Advising in relation to plea and sentence.
  • Advising whether a special reasons argument can be advanced which if successful could lead to the offence not attracting an endorsement or penalty points.
  • Advising whether a totting up disqualification (imposed when a defendant has 12 or more points on his/her driving record) can be avoided by advancing an exceptional hardship argument.
  • Advising on obtaining expert evidence.
  • Advising on appeal.
  • Representation at Court in relation to a single hearing be that a plea hearing where a not guilty plea is to be entered, a plea and sentencing hearing, an adjourned sentencing hearing, a totting disqualification hearing, a special reasons hearing or a trial.

In relation to a trial, the figures set out below are an indication of the fee as without knowing:-

  • The number of witnesses to be called by the prosecution.
  • The number of defence witnesses from whom statements will need to be obtained.
  • Whether expert evidence will need to be sourced.
  • The number of consultations that will be necessary prior to trial.

It is impossible to give a firm fixed fee. A fixed fee will be provided when all the above factors are known.

The fees below DO NOT include any fees charged by experts and only relate to cases dealt with at either Southern Derbyshire (Derby), Northern Derbyshire (Chesterfield) Magistrates’, Nottingham or Mansfield Magistrates’ Courts. For cases in other courts, there will be an additional fee for travel calculated on the travel time specified by the AA calculated at the rate of £100.00 per hour.

  • Plea hearing, whether not guilty plea, guilty or sentencing – £400.00.
  • Sentencing hearing after guilty plea has previously been entered – £250.00 to £400.00
  • Totting disqualification hearing – £400.00.
  • Special reasons hearing – £600.00.
  • Trial – £900.00 to £1500.00.

In relation to any additional work due to unforeseen issues that arise that work will be charged at the hourly rates set out in the Fixed Fee Agreement relating to the above.